Providing you with liquidity and continued control of your destiny

Lineage Capital uniquely separates economic ownership from corporate governance. This structure was designed for owner-managers who want to maintain their influence and control while tapping the resources and experience of a seasoned team fully aligned with the long-term success of their business.

A Lineage Partnership

The best of both worlds

Benefits of a


  • Substantial liquidity at closing
  • Diversification of net worth
  • Attention from value-added investor

Benefits of a

Minority Investment

  • Do not give up control
  • Large ongoing equity stake
  • Strong equity capitalization
  • Operating Flexibility

85% of Company Value

Realize up to 85% of your business' value in cash at closing

Retain Board Control

Reinvesting sellers retain control of the Board of Directors

Reduce Anxieties

You retain board control, minimizing concerns of employees, customers and suppliers about a transaction

Define & Enhance Your Legacy

Flexibility to define your ongoing role around your goals and objectives

Large "Second Bite of the Apple"

Benefit from the future success of the company you built, through meaningful on-going ownership

Accelerate Growth

Support and resources to grow and enhance the value and sustainability of your business

Alignment of Interests

Gain a partner committed to your success

Greater Operating Flexibility

Conservative capital structure relative to traditional private equity structures

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