A unique model—tailored to the needs of owner-managers

Lineage was founded on the core values of trust, respect, teamwork, and commitment—ideals that provide a foundation for our strong partner relationships. For business owners who share these values, the uncommon structure of a Lineage partnership can be a way to comfortably achieve short- and long-term business and personal objectives.

For nearly two decades, we’ve partnered with owner-managers who desire liquidity while continuing to benefit from the future financial success of their business. Our investment model allows owner-managers to realize current value in their business to help their company achieve its full potential while retaining board control. We deliver value—as active board members and partners to management teams—by bringing experience and resources to promote long-term growth.

At Lineage, we understand that the success you’ve generated transcends what appears on a balance sheet. We know that you and your team, the culture you’ve established—even your vendors and suppliers—play a critical role in the success of your business and we strive to further develop these relationships.

When owners are contemplating liquidity strategies, succession planning or taking on an equity partner for growth, tough questions often arise:

  • Am I willing to give up control of my company?
  • Will an investor or strategic acquirer disrupt the culture I’ve worked hard to create?
  • Can I continue to play an active role in operations if I’d like to?
  • How will my employees, customers and suppliers react to a transaction?

As our portfolio companies will tell you, Lineage’s partnership structure alleviates these concerns (in contrast to traditional private equity or strategic acquirer structures). You retain control over your board, relationships, and culture—while simultaneously meeting your objectives and gaining access to an experienced partner committed to the future success of the business.

Our Difference

Lineage Capital uniquely separates economic ownership from corporate governance. This structure was designed for owner-managers who want to maintain their influence and control...



The team at Lineage Capital and the companies we partner with share a commitment to integrity, character, and hard work. We look for partnerships where we can add tangible value...


Investment Criteria

Our investments span numerous sectors and geographies. The common thread is partnership with passionate owner-managers focused on the continued success of their business...