What we look for

The team at Lineage Capital and the companies we partner with share a commitment to integrity, character, and hard work. We look for partnerships where we can add tangible value while extending the success and rewards—personal and financial—of our owner-manager partners and their teams.


  • Owner-managed or closely-held with shareholders interested in retaining an ownership stake in the business
  • Headquartered in the US
  • EBITDA of $4 million or greater
  • Strong core management team with a plan for continued growth and desire for an investor partner to help build upon the historical success of the business
  • Diversified customer base


  • Asset Diversification: The shareholder remains passionate about the business and believes strongly in its future. However, the shareholder wants to diversify their net worth while continuing to lead the business, retaining control and a large ownership position.
  • Diversification with a Shift in Responsibilities: The shareholder remains passionate about the business, but is seeking a change in personal responsibilities to dedicate time to other interests. The shareholder wants to diversify their net worth and retain a large equity stake and control.
  • Cash Out Inactive Shareholder: Management shareholders seek to provide inactive or retiring shareholders with liquidity while maintaining control of their Board.
  • Generational Transition: A senior family member seeks to achieve personal liquidity and facilitate estate planning while transitioning leadership (including control of the Board) and a meaningful economic opportunity to the next generation.


Lineage was founded on the core values of trust, respect, teamwork, and commitment—ideals that provide a foundation for our strong partner relationships...


Our Difference

Lineage Capital uniquely separates economic ownership from corporate governance. This structure was designed for owner-managers who want to maintain their influence and control...



Our team aspires to be a great partner to our portfolio companies. We bring our full commitment, experience and resources to assist in your success...