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For Intermediaries

We rely heavily on our relationships with a broad range of intermediaries to introduce our unique investment approach to business owners.  We are discrete and maintain complete confidentiality with regard to any discussions.  Whether a transaction is driven by a desire for diversification, the buyout of a business partner or family member, or a need to partner for growth, we take time to understand the shareholders’ key issues and create a structure that addresses them. Our seasoned investment team will dedicate the resources necessary to pursue potential investments that fit our focus. 

Intermediaries choose Lineage because:

  • Our differentiated approach complements their clients’ needs and desires
  • We are responsive
  • We are clear about our level of interest
  • We pay customary finder’s fees
  • We complete investments in a timely manner by using less leverage than is typical of private investment firms
  • We have clear and straightforward negotiations

Please contact us with any opportunities you believe may be of interest to us. 

Standard Fee Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement



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